London Skyline Panoramic

London Skyline Panoramic - Day and Night (Greenwich 2012) 

This took me a day to shoot it and another day to put it all together.

2 Days

72 Photos

5.4 gig

I set up my tripod as high as I could (balanced on a table, not ideal) and took a series of panoramic photos at various times of the day, getting more frequent towards nightfall when the change in light was more noticeable. Camera was a Nikon D5000 with a bog standard 18-55mm lens. I shot each panoramic set of photos at 25mm and on full manual (annoyingly i couldn't use quite a few sets of panoramics as I nudged my lens and took them at around 30mm). Each panoramic was made up of 9 photos, and I took about 15 panoramics throughout the day.

After taking all the photos I had to stitch each panoramic together, then align all the stitched together panoramics on-top of each other in one massive Photoshop file - it was a beast!

I then with a variety of tools worked away at each layer to blend into one seamless screen, this was by far the hardest part to pull off and took me a solid 10 hours. I didn't know what I was doing, I wasn't following any tutorials, just playing about with what worked. The sky was the hardest part to blend together as the weather conditions weren't exactly consistent through the day.

I'd love to give it another go, actually getting up for sunrise over the park (far right) but I don't think I have a spare two days again and there is no way I'm getting up at 5am for sunrise on a Saturday!!!